Peyton Manning visits Derek Jeter

Peyton Manning stopped by Yankee Stadium Sunday morning to visit Derek Jeter before the Yankees game against the Tampa Bay Rays (ESPN, May 4).

“It’s the only time I’m gonna get to New York before our season starts, and they’re not coming out to the [Colorado] Rockies this year,” Manning said. “I wanted to see [Jeter] play in person, and get a good picture for my scrapbook.”

Peyton was joined by his brother Eli in Jeter’s suite to watch Sunday’s 5-1 loss – Jeter went 0-for-4. But when asked if he was disappointed about his showing with the Manning brothers present, the shortstop seemed unfazed.

“Aw, I wasn’t thinking about that,” Jeter said. “I didn’t see Eli, because he came a little later. But Peyton, I haven’t seen in a little while, so it’s always good to see him and catch up with him.”

The two future Hall of Famers have maintained a unique friendship over the course of their professional careers. Manning stated that Jeter had been to a number of Colts games over the years, and that he always has an invite to see the Broncos play once the Yankees’ season is over.